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Principal Message

In the era of globalization and liberalization the world around us is changing rapidly. To be ready to lead in this fast changing world the learning requirements of the present generation are different and more dynamic. Every aspect of an individual’s life and the society as a whole is now compared with International Standards. So it is not only important to equip the students with vast and varied amounts of knowledge, but also equally important to instill in them high moral values so that they are ready to contribute positively to the society as a constructive citizen. Although India’s present education system scores better on certain parameters as compared to its global peers, there is still a lot of scope where we can and should improve upon. With this aim, I as the Principal of the Stamford International School have committed myself to provide the best administrators and teachers in our institutions along with the best infrastructure facilities to help in imparting quality education to our students and to help them to grow in a homely and pious environment.

For this holistic development of the students, I prefer to arrange work shops, seminars and rituals in our institutions to inculcate moral values, spirit of good citizenship and the brotherhood in our students.

We provide only the best for our students. This is reflected in the experienced international faculty who have been appointed, the examples we set, and the opportunities we provide in both informal and formal settings. But we also expect the best from our students. They are encouraged to use their learning and their school experiences to grow into thoughtful, tolerant and cosmopolitan young adults, who are able to understand the importance of recognising and making moral choices. Stamford helps them to do this through its explicit attention to critical thinking, civic values and ethical understanding. Whether you are a parent or student I hope that you also will want to become part of this timely and unique educational experience.
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